About us

Welcome to Bella Knotte

We love all things yarn, and strive to create whimsical creatures that are a joy to both hook and cuddle after completion.

We drop new patterns once a month, and sometimes even find time for personal projects (like that half-finished scarf in the corner!)

Each pattern includes:

  • a suggested yarn list
  • a key for abbreviations and symbols
  • assembly instructions
  • helpful photos with stitch diagrams for reference

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Meet Ami

Amelia “Ami” Russi

Creative Lead, Pattern Maker


About me

Ami’s been crocheting as long as her little hands could hold a hook. Her love of yarn didn’t stop there, and she is also an avid cross-stitcher and knitter. While she struggles with tendonitis, nothing can slow this girl down! She started Bella Knotte in the spring of 2020, and has enjoyed bringing her fancies to fluffy life.

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